We provide assistive technology device loans, one-to-one consultations and technical assistance to support school systems with student specific needs in increasing accessibility of high-quality instruction and educational materials. 

With a range of assistive technology to support a diverse group of learners, including:

  • Text-to-speech software for reading accessibility
  • Speech-to-text software for improved written communication
  • Universally designed toys for playtime accessibility and inclusion
  • Communication devices for communication freedom
  • Computer access adaptations for independence
  • Talking calculators for improved independence with math

**Our Service Is Only Available To Louisiana Schools or Certain Agencies Working with Students with a Special Need**

Common requests that we cannot accommodate:

  • Our program does not loan out computers or iPads for distance learning or any use not tied to the assistive technology needs of a student with a disability.
  • Our program does not supply educational technology, general purpose technology or devices to facilitate regular classroom instruction or enrichment.
  • We do not purchase technology based on a request for a loan. (Requests for items not in our lending library are considered and this information is used to guide future purchase decisions.)